oracle nodes for your blockchain application

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We use cutting edge cloud infrastructure for our services. All systems are built for redundancy and scalability.


Our nodes are 24/7 active monitored and managed through our team. You define the data, we take care of the rest.


Our system is designed around the principles of cyber security and disaster recovery since its inception.


We deliver data in the fastest way possible. If you require latency sensitive data, we will customize our system to fulfill your needs.

In the need of custom data?

We support you in integrating your desired API. If you prefer a fully managed API orchestration solution for your desired endpoints, we are the right partner for your project.  

You define the datasets and format, we will take care of developing and integrating a customized data adapter to fulfill your needs. All of our solutions are based on industry standard, open source tooling. 

You focus on building your application, we take care of the rest. 


Providing truth over trust is one of our core values. Therefore we chose to disclose our service up-time metrics to the public. 

All of our infrastructure is developed in redundant fashion with automatic fail-over scenarios. This enables us to guarantee 99.9% up-time.

You can see for your self how well we perform.  

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity


About Us

Meet our Founders

Mathias Grünsteidl

Co-Founder / DevOps

Mathias oversaw the DevOps team of mission critical transaction based systems rooted in the telecom sector. During that time, Mathias developed battle tested operation schemes, which are an integral part of our node infrastructure.

Vitali Grünsteidl

Co-Founder / Project Management

Vitali is involved in the crypto - space since 2017. Vitali is in charge of the project management of the operations and social-media endeavors of glink. If you need feedback about our services, Vitali is pleased to answer any question.

We are an Austrian based chainlink node operator. We aim to provide all our customers with enterprise grade oracle nodes. Our team has multiple years experience in managing and developing transaction based systems and more than ten years in the tech sector in various positions.

After multiple years of intense research of blockchain technologies, we decided to run our node operations as an independent third party chainlink node operator. We proved our competence during the chainlink oracle olympics, which we finished as a worldwide top ranked devops team.

We take our role as a chainlink node operator serious, therefore we provide all of our partners customized SLAs to fit their need. We are happy to help you with customized in depth consulting in every stage of your blockchain journey. 

Supported Chains

Our world class nodes support the following chains. If you need data on a different chain feel free to contact us. We will work out a custom solution to fulfill your needs.

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